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Why work with us

Why work with us

100% dedicated to making executives & investors succeed in Quantum since 2018


We are not a fad or a follower, in fact, we were one of the very first professional services firms in the QIS space. As such, we’ve had the privilege to learn tremendously, build a strong and wide network, and observe the space over the span of almost 3 years. We don’t “also” do Quantum, we only do Quantum – and we do not try to extrapolate it from HPC or understand it with cloud or A.I. frameworks, rather we look at the facts and trends, and build new frameworks and methodologies. Sure, that is hard, tedious work, which is not always perfect. But in the long run, it’s the only truth in Quantum. 

Members who are counting on our data, insights and research include senior executives from IBM, Google, Microsoft, Zapata, CQC, ID Quantique, various governments, large global VCs funds and UHNWI.

Actionable Data

We provide you with data overload. And then we do our utmost to make the data actionable:

  • All data is filterable and searchable
  • All data is continuously tagged with additional meta data to establish finer filters and more connections
  • We offer as many visualizations of the data as possible
  • We produce research reports to summarize insights and findings

Success Stories

We have worked with Quantum startups, Fortune 500 firms implementing Quantum and investors dealing in Quantum. These are some of their success stories:


Our members love unbiased, independent data, insights and research into Quantum:

  • “Really good analysis. Exceptionally well put together, here at CQC we are big fans” Ilyas Khan, CEO Cambridge Quantum Computing
  • “Timely, relevant and necessary step. As the segment matures and widens, with new entities emerging by the hour, the vendor assessment, it’s methodology and benchmarking questions are being asked more and more frequently. It is a departure from ”I know who the players are and therefore I know what the offering is fairly well” approach that (somewhat) worked until now.” Laura Oudovik, Director Post Quantum, Exel Energy
  • “You have the most important virtue in Quantum, intuition for the technology and its applications”, program lead at top 3 Wall Street bank
  • “Your idea of how to assess, score and visualize our Quantum deal pipeline is not great. It’s perfect”, VC with $270M under management
  • “There are so many newsletters I barely read any of them. I read yours, it’s pretty interesting”, CEO of a VC backed Quantum startup
  • “You’re my trusted partner. You always say the right things at the right time.”, COO at a Quantum Startup with $130M in funding