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After many years of racing and club sailing, I finally made my dream of boat ownership come true. Definitely one of the dumbest decisions I’ve ever made, considering that I neither have the resources or the time for it. But walking by s/v Leilani sitting on the dry at Henry Uihlein’s marina in Montauk, dangling her “for sale” sign in my face, was simply impossible.

s/v Leilani was the pride and joy of the local Montauk celebrity Rusty Drumm . Rusty’s life, whom I unfortunately never met, was cut short by a sudden and violent cancer, and after months and months of mourning, his wife Kyle decided to find a new owner for their cherished boat. Kyle and Rusty had what what most of us can only aspire to, a passionate love affair that lasted. Hence it was important for Kyle to find a new owner for s/v Leilani that she felt comfortable with and who’d keep the boat in the Montauk area – a boating match made in heaven.

With a lot of creativity and sacrifice, we were able to agree on a deal, and s/v Leilani became s/v Bushwacking.

Bushwacking is not only my favorite Caribbean cocktail, and what else signifies sailing better than a Caribbean cocktail, but also an ancient warfare strategy that relies on improvisation, self sufficiency and a sense of adventure.

It is what I imagine sailing to be, so as a proud, broke and new boat owner, here is my “s/v Bushwacking philosophy”:


“Life’s a blessing!

Some relationships end, while others start; the memories stay.

Friends new and old, jobs you hate or love,

the money that you own and the money that you owe.

Seasons come and go at the merciless rhythm of 3 full moons.

What makes it all worth it is nothing but your own will to make this very day a good day,

a fun day,

a better day.

For you.

For somebody else.



and everyday thereafter

no matter how hard it blows.

This is sailing.

And this is the spirit of Bushwacking and how I will sail her until the very last day.

So grab a bottle of rum, bring a friend and come sailing!”

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