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Quantum for Executives – the truth

Quantum for Executives – the truth

QIS companies have tremendous brain power and produced astonishing achievements but business best practices need to follow.

You’ve surely heard the saying, business is as much art as science. At IA we have tested, studied, lived, executed, failed and succeeded at that business strategy. Strategic analysis and positioning, agile startup deployment, sales frameworks and funnels, marketing and branding strategies – all executed in a systematic, KPI driven manner. Because one thing is for sure, science and superior IQ (or qubits) alone won’t sell customers – you need to stand for something, invite trust, and offer a compelling business solution rather than just a product. Most of the quantum vendors who are your potential partners are missing this to date.

Extreme focus and clear goals are essential in a crowded market that is undergoing a shakeout and 2020 will see this shakeout in the industry as some players will announce breakthroughs and others fall behind. Everybody, will be on a shoestring as they realize that hope and science is not a strategy to win in these conditions. What is the one Quantum goal for 2020? It’s to get paying customers – nothing else matters. You have to define, own and set that strategy, then communicate and execute on it. 

QIS companies and startups offer a lot of hype, little track record and very few data points.

In general, across all QIS applications and companies, there is a lot of hype, very little commercial track record, few references and barely any hard data points to assess the viability of an investment. A successful QIS venture needs to address this market perception and turn it into an advantage for them by offering the appropriate external reference points, transparency, facts, and expert opinions shared continuously and authentically.

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