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QIS investment deal pipeline

QIS Investment Deals Pipeline

We build deal pipelines for investors interested in QIS leveraging our data, analysis, insights and network – always based on facts, never on opinions.



Dynamic, data driven charts allow investors to quickly gain an overview, contrast and compare, and, ultimately, drill down into the details with a simple click.

Digging into the detail allows you to ultimately make an informed decision based on asymmetric information. For each target, we run a custom analysis, summarized in a report, and going through a check list of dozens of questions.

These findings can ultimately be leveraged not only for in depth due diligence but also for operational improvement post investment.

This service leverages the data available to our subscribers, as well as additional proprietary insights, facts and analysis. We also like to co-invest with our clients on these deal, as such putting skin in the game and making this available only to a select few investors.

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