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QIS business maturity score

QIS Business Maturity Score

The business maturity score to assess commercial viability of vendors


Many QIS vendors deliver tremendous scientific achievements, almost all of them are at a stage where they are still dominated by scientists and academics, supplemented by the occasional advisor or business development rep. Our business maturity score looks at a standardized set of business oriented questions such as sales, marketing, go to market, educational backgrounds, etc to assess the commercial viability of a vendors in this space. Furthermore, it creates a baseline for comparison. 

As always, we only consider verifiable facts and data in our analysis; a vendor claiming sales traction or commercial expertise will not get a positive score if they are unable to back this up with data.

For this we look at LinkedIn, CrunchBase, parse the web, conferences, interviews and other sources of data. We typically update these scores one demand, all our data sets are updated monthly.

Most maturity scores are assessed as part of investor engagements, thus below table might not represent the full data set. Inquire with us for additional data.