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My first message that I ever wrote in Watson Workspace is now more than one year old and was in a space ingeniously called “Opentopic Sales” with my Co-Founder Christian Jorg. “Prioritizing our sales efforts” on a Friday (!!!) is probably not my finest message. But it was the first step in a journey that has been at the forefront of technology ever since.

My first message in Watson Workspace from August 25, 2016.

When we first were asked to join the developer program for Watson Workspace I of course said yes. What I didn’t say, but loudly thought was, “really?!”. Yet another messaging platform? Good luck ol’ blue but you might want to google “Slack” before you invest anymore into this.

A little than 1 year later I can only hope that the folks at Slack have had a chance to google “Watson Workspace” – because the enterprise chat war is about to get interesting!

Watson Workspace is the first enterprise grade cognitive chat platform on the market. What that means is that you now have a chat app that not only understands what everybody is saying but also has the ability to help you make sense of it. And if you get just half as many messages every day as I do then you know that this is gold.

What IBM does better than anyone, and what business needs more than anything, is to put A.I. at the core of its products.

There is a lot of great A.I. tools and vendors out there that integrate into many different platforms. There is only one enterprise chat solution that is build from the ground up around IBM Watson. That difference is more than semantics. It means that now for the first time teams have access to market leading A.I. capabilities right where they get their work done. It means that the technology is so seamlessly integrated that you won’t even notice it. And it means that you’ve entered a new world – a world in which every conversation is understood and analyzed by a myriad of algorithms. Now the fun starts! Watson Workspace comes with some cool features already integrated that you’ll love from the first time you use them. “Moments” for example automatically summarizes and categorizes conversations to make it easy for you to cut through the noise at the click of a button.

Like everything that IBM does, Watson Workspace is enterprise grade. Another huge difference to many innovations that were initially intended for the consumer and have to go through a long journey to meet enterprise needs and requirements. SAML or SLA, administrative controls, managed user access, or enterprise control – Watson Workspace is ready for the most demanding corporation from day 1.

The enterprise chat war is ultimately won on the battlefield of the app marketplace (Sia is an official third-party app available here). And yes, Watson Workspace of course has an app marketplace, a developer and partner program, and a well documented API. More importantly, though, is how it enables partners. Thanks to Watson being at the core of Workspace, any API call that you make to it already comes with a bunch of powerful cognitive capabilities – less headaches and building for you, more opportunities and possibilities for your teams. Basically as soon as you connect your app you’re a cognitive developer without knowing it. Now that’s cool!

At Opentopic, having worked, tested, hacked, presented and brainstormed with the Watson Workspace team for over a year we’re proud to say that these capabilities really come through strong in the form of Sia, our cognitive employee to help your teams make sense of data.

We all suffer from “data deluge” – sales teams trying to make sense of CRM, email and other data. Marketing struggling to keep up with social media and digital sources. HR wanting to understand what employees talk and care about. Executives needing to be in the know on a myriad of expert sources.

Sia is here to help! Sia understands all these sources and types of data, and helps you make sense of them. We call this cognitive insights.

Hi – I am Sia and I am here to help you make sense of your data!

So congratulations Watson Workspace and welcome to earth. Sia will definitely be around for your upcoming birthdays and we are excited to watch you grow and take a tiny little part in that journey.

Now go put Watson to work for you and make sure to add Sia to your team!

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