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Let me make the problem brutally clear – consumer and enterprise data has changed so much in volume and nature over the last 2 years that it is way beyond the reach of what our human brains and current enterprise applications can comprehend.

Here is the scale of the challenge






  • 90% of the worlds data has been created since 2015

  • In 2017, we created 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day













  • In 2013 there was an estimated 1 Exabyte of data in the cloud

  • In 2020 there will be an estimated 1 Zettabyte of data in the cloud

  • That is 1,000 times more data within 7 years















Most of us are aware of the meteoric rise of consumer data. From 2013 to 2017 Instagram, for example, went from 3,600 shares per minute to 46,740 shares per minute. That’s a 1,298% increase in less than 5 years.


Notice not only the staggering changes in volume of data over that short period, but also the makeup of that data. The rise of unstructured data – text, images, video, audio – is maybe the most profound shift of all.




  • 80% of the world’s data is now unstructured

  • 90% has been created since 2015





Another significant change is sources of data. Structured data mostly originated from well understood and managed enterprise systems. Unstructured data is being produced by a myriad of new, mostly untapped, sources of data. These sources of data are both within the enterprise and the consumer market, and many have yet to transition into the enterprise for full effect.


Human data – cognitive technologies – is the fastest rising, and previously non-existing, sources of data




But it’s not just consumer data, in fact the rise of enterprise data has been meteoric. Enterprises, as they shift their business models from hardware and goods, to software and services, have created new types and sources of data. Yet again, mostly untapped for everyday decision making within the enterprise.




We are at the cusp of a dramatic change in how much and what kind of data dictates our world






Let me reinforce this with a third reference for the same data point. The world has changed dramatically







63% CAGR from 2012 to 2017 growth of cloud storage usage





This is a paradigm shift. Time to shift your behavior and technology.


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