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Quantum Information Science (QIS) Market & Vendor Research

Quantum Information Science (QIS) is the overarching discipline encompassing applications such as Quantum Computing, Quantum Key Distribution, Quantum Communications and Quantum Sensing.

While there are no QIS vendors in this overall field as such, we do present the data that does exist on QIS in this sections, as well as our analysis that we publish based on it.

Quantum Information Science Data Sets

These data sets collect all publically available or privately verifiable information about QIS companies, developers, research labs, investors, use cases and more. Currently we have the following QIS specific data sets available.

> Researchers

  • By popularity

> Government & NGO’s

  • By country


Please access the QIS data sets here.

Quantum Information Science Ecosystem Reports

> The Quantum Summit Guide

  • An analysis of the players, participants, sponsors and speakers at the Quantum Summit in San Francisco

Please access the report here.

Quantum Information Science Company Reports

These reports offer deep dives into individual companies, how they are positioned, their level of technology maturity, their level of business maturity and their level of attractiveness for investments.

These reports are currently in our research pipeline and are available for sponsorship. Contact us here for inquiries.

Quantum Information Science Cognitive Analysis

Our cognitive analysis aims to quantify and qualify the sentiment of the market for specific sectors or companies. We also analyze trends, relationships and other “soft” factors to offer a complete picture of QIS – and how it changes over time.

Please access the report here.