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Quantum Computing (QC) Market & Vendor Research

Quantum Computing is the new hype child of the scientific, business and even popular press. Yet, its impact, if we succeed, will be as significant as the advent of the wheel, fire or electricity. How and when we get there is the question to which every investor and executive needs to find her own best answer.

We offer data driven and unemotional analysis of the QC vendors, software providers, startups, modalities, use cases and other areas.

Quantum Computing Data Sets

We collect a wide variety of data sets on the Quantum Computing space. Below is a select view (details available to members).

> Quantum Computing use cases

  • Use cases
  • Industries
  • Vendors
  • Lead researchers

> Quantum Computing use cases in the insurance sector

  • By company

> Quantum Computing startups

  • by country

> Business executives in QC 

  • By popularity (Google search)

> QC institutes

  • By popularity

> Qubit count

  • Hardware vendors by qubit count

> QC companies & key contacts

  • Known companies and lead researcher/manager

> QC technology landscape

  • QC modality by vendor


Please access the QC data sets here.

Quantum Computing Ecosystem Reports

We publish proprietary analysis of the QC market based on the data that we collect. Some of the reports available (details for members only).

> The Quantum Computing Quadrant

  • Our inaugural QC Quadrant classifying all major hardware vendors by leaders and laggards, with an analysis of every vendor’s weaknesses and strengths

> The new Sputnik race

  • A regional analysis of weaknesses and strengths in QC across the globe, and how different regions are positioning themselves

> Quantum Computing: NYC ecosystem

  • An overview of the New York City Quantum Computing ecosystem with all key players and trends

> Quantum Computing, non technical introduction

  • An introduction to QC for business executives and investors


Please access the QC market report here.

Quantum Computing Company Reports

These reports offer deep dives into individual companies, how they are positioned, their level of technology maturity, their level of business maturity and their level of attractiveness for investments.

Please access the QC company reports here.

Quantum Computing Cognitive Analysis

Our cognitive analysis aims to quantify and qualify the sentiment of the market for specific sectors or companies. We also analyze trends, relationships and other “soft” factors to offer a complete picture of QC – and how it changes over time.

Please access the report here.