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  • Traditional computers can solve some quantum problems September 23, 2022
    A new study describes how machine learning tools, run on classical computers, can be used to make predictions about quantum systems and thus help researchers solve some of the trickiest physics and chemistry problems.
  • Novo Nordisk Foundation Awards $200 Million (1.5 Billion Danish Krone) to Develop Quantum Systems to Solve Life Science Problems September 23, 2022
    The project will be led by the Novo Nordisk Foundation and the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen and is scheduled to run for the next 12 years. The first seven of those years will focus on developing materials and hardware to build qubits to ascertain the best quantum platform to use. The last […]
  • Podcast with Dr. Bob Sutor, VP of Corporate Development at ColdQuanta September 23, 2022
    Dr. Bob Sutor, VP of Corporate Development at ColdQuanta is interviewed by Yuval Boger. Bob and Yuval talk about leaving IBM, what Bob has learned about the quantum market in the past year, whether quantum sensors will become mainstream before quantum computing, and much more. Transcript Yuval Boger: Hello, Dr. Bob, and thanks for joining […]
  • 'Twisty' photons could turbocharge next-gen quantum communication September 22, 2022
    Quantum researchers have demonstrated a method for encoding vastly more information into a single photon, opening the door to even faster and more powerful quantum communication tools.
  • Key element for a scalable quantum computer September 22, 2022
    Millions of quantum bits are required for quantum computers to prove useful in practical applications. But this is still a long way off. One problem is that the qubits have to be very close to each other on the chip. Researchers have now come a significant step closer to solving the problem. They succeeded in […]
  • Peter Shor wins Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics September 22, 2022
    MIT professor to share $3 million prize with three others; Daniel Spielman PhD ’95 wins Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics.
  • Quantum Computing Inc. Announces a Subscription Services for Its Dirac Entropy Quantum Computer September 22, 2022
    We had previously reported in May that Quantum Computing Inc. (QCI) had acquired quantum photonic startup QPhoton and we also reported in July that Quantum Computing Inc. had used the QPhoton device to optimize vehicle sensor placement for a BMW/AWS Quantum Computing Challenge. The company has now announced that it will make the processor, which […]
  • Classiq Adds Another $13 Million to Its Series B Round September 21, 2022
    Classiq, an Israeli quantum software company, has expanded its Series B funding round to $49 million from the previous $36 million that we reported on last May. The investor for this latest portion is Awz Ventures, a Canadian-Israeli venture capital firm. The company will be using the funds to open new offices in Japan and […]
  • Between two universes September 20, 2022
    Mohammad Javad Khojasteh, a postdoc at MIT LIDS, uses both classical and quantum physics to improve state-of-the-art capabilities in communication, sensing, and computation.
  • Silicon nanopillars for quantum communication September 20, 2022
    Across the world, specialists are working on implementing quantum information technologies. One important path involves light: Looking ahead, single light packages, also known as light quanta or photons, could transmit data that is both coded and effectively tap proof. To this end, new photon sources are required that emit single light quanta in a controlled […]
  • Zyvex Announces an Extremely Precise Lithography System for Use in Fabricating Quantum Processor Chips September 20, 2022
    Zyvex new product, called ZyvexLitho1TM uses scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) to achieve line widths of 0.768 nanometers which is much better than the DUV or EUV systems used in the most advanced semiconductor fabs. It uses a technology called Hydrogen Depassivation Lithography which is a form of Electron Beam Lithography (EBL) that achieves atomic resolution. Uses […]
  • Podcast with Simon Phillips, Chief Technology Officer at Oxford Quantum Circuits September 19, 2022
    Simon Phillips, Chief Technology Officer at Oxford Quantum Circuits is interviewed by Yuval Boger. Simon and Yuval talk about OQC's unique approach to building quantum computers using superconductors, why OQC's quantum computer is online just some of the time, Simon's journey from gaming to quantum computing and much more. Transcript Yuval Boger: Hello, Simon. And […]
  • Quantum Delta NL Awards €7.87 Million ($7.86M USD) as Part of Its “Quantum SME Call” September 19, 2022
    Quantum Delta NL issued a call to quantum SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) for proposals to receive funding for innovative projects related to quantum technology. Those selected would receive grants ranging from €500,000 to €2 million. They received 18 proposals and selected 10 of them for funding. The companies receiving the funding include Appsilon Enterprise […]
  • Quantware Awarded €1.1 Million ($1.1M USD) to Develop Develop Superconducting Quantum Processors with Novel Materials September 17, 2022
    The funding has been provided to Quantware by Quantum Delta NL to find novel materials for a superconducting quantum processor that will help improve coherence times. The goal will be to improve coherence times by an order of magnitude. Quantware has a unique business model in that they create quantum processor chips that they sell […]
  • Kipu Quantum Secures  €3 Million ($3M USD) in Venture Funding September 17, 2022
    The round was co-led by Quantonation, Entrada Ventures, and First Momentum Ventures. Kipu Quantum is based in Karlsruhe and Berlin, Germany and is working to provide utilize application-specific quantum computing solutions to provide commercial advantages to customers as soon as possible. They have developed novel algorithmic compression methods along with efforts to create co-design hardware that […]
  • Final Deadline for Qubit by Qubit “Intro to Quantum Computing” Course is September 23, 2022 September 17, 2022
    Qubit by Qubit is an initiative by The Coding School with a goal to make quantum computing education available to anyone who wants to learn. They are offering both a one or a two semester course targeted for students at the high school level and above to teach them about quantum computing. Semester 1 from […]
  • I had a dream September 14, 2022
    As I slept fitfully, still recovering from COVID, I had one of the more interesting dreams of my life: I was desperately trying to finish some PowerPoint slides in time to give a talk. Uncharacteristically for me, one of the slides displayed actual code. This was a dream, so nothing was as clear as I’d […]
  • Scientists see spins in a 2D magnet September 7, 2022
    Research shows that spinning quasiparticles, or magnons, light up when paired with a light-emitting quasiparticle, or exciton, with potential quantum information applications.
  • What I’ve learned from having COVID September 4, 2022
    The same thing Salman Rushdie learned: either you spend your entire life in hiding, or eventually it’ll come for you. Years might pass. You might emerge from hiding once, ten times, a hundred times, be fine, and conclude (emotionally if not intellectually) that the danger must now be over, that if it were going to […]
  • Quantum materials: Entanglement of many atoms discovered September 2, 2022
    Be it magnets or superconductors: materials are known for their various properties. However, these properties may change spontaneously under extreme conditions. Researchers have discovered an entirely new type of such phase transitions. They display the phenomenon of quantum entanglement involving many atoms, which previously has only been observed in the realm of few atoms.
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