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  • Research Roundup for November 2021 November 26, 2021
    By Dr. Chris Mansell Shown below are summaries of a few interesting research papers in quantum computing and communications that have been published over the past month. Hardware Title: Demonstration of fault-tolerant universal quantum gate operationsOrganizations: Institut für Experimentalphysik, Universität Innsbruck, Institute for Quantum Information, RWTH Aachen University, Institute for Theoretical Nanoelectronics (PGI-2), Forschungszentrum Jülich, […]
  • Zurich Instruments Unveils a New Qubit Controller for Superconducting Qubits November 25, 2021
    Zurich Instruments SHFQC Qubit Controller. Credit: Zurich Instruments Zurich Instruments new product, called the SHFQC, provides both qubit control and readout in one unit for up to 6 qubits. It combines the capabilities of their SHFSG Signal Generator for generating microwave pulses and their SHFQA Quantum Analyzer for readout into one box. It is specifically well suited […]
  • U.S. Imposes a Blacklist on Chinese Organizations Working in Quantum for Military End Use November 25, 2021
    The Export Administration Regulations (EAR) managed by the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) of the U.S. Department of Commerce calls for the maintenance of an Entity List. The list identifies entities that have been involved, are involved, or pose a significant risk of being or becoming involved in activities contrary to the national security […]
  • Dell Partners with IonQ to Test Hybrid Classical-Quantum Solutions November 25, 2021
    We wrote last September about Dell's first step in quantum computing to test a solution that integrates their Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd with IBM Qiskit quantum emulator. They have now taken a second step to test how their server can be integrated with both IonQ's quantum simulator (also called a vQPU or virtual Quantum Processing Unit) […]
  • QuTech Introduces a Quantum Network Explorer November 24, 2021
    QuTech, a Dutch organization that is a collaboration between the TU Delft and TNO, has introduced a web site where users can simulate various aspects of a quantum internet. At this time, the simulations are performed on a classical computer but it is conceivable that this web site might allow allow users to try experience […]
  • Northrup Grumman to Provide Virgina Tech with $12.5 Million for Quantum Research and Education November 22, 2021
    The funding will allow Virgina Tech to create a new Center of Quantum Architecture and Software Development on the Virginia Tech Innovation Campus. It will supplement another $15.8 million in funding that was already planned by the Virgina Tech Innovation Campus. This support will be used to establish an endowed faculty position at the center, […]
  • Who’s News – New Additions at PQShield, Riverlane, and Quantum Machines November 20, 2021
    PQShield a UK cybersecurity company specializing in post-quantum cryptography has added Michael Vroobel as VP of Operations and Alan Grau as VP Business Development. Vroobel has had prior experience at fintech startups TrueLayer and MarketFinance. Grau previously was the founder of IoT security firm Icon Labs that was acquired by Sectigo in 2019 and he will […]
  • Australia Signs Quantum Cooperation Agreement with the U.S, Commits to Invest A$111 million ($80 million USD) in Quantum, and Use Quantum Tech to Help Run the NSW Transit System November 20, 2021
    A trio of separate announcements involving quantum technology from different branches of the Australian government has been released in the last couple of weeks. The first was an announcement from the New South Wales (NSW) Transport Minister, Rob Stokes, that they plan to build a Centre of Quantum Technology with a mission to help run […]
  • The Acrobatics of BQP November 19, 2021
    Just in case anyone is depressed this afternoon and needs something to cheer them up, students William Kretschmer, DeVon Ingram, and I have finally put out a new paper: The Acrobatics of BQP Abstract: We show that, in the black-box setting, the behavior of quantum polynomial-time (BQP) can be remarkably decoupled from that of classical […]
  • Atos/IQM HPC Center Survey Shows Broad Interest in Quantum Computing November 19, 2021
    Atos and IQM commissioned a study of 110 high-performance computing (HPC) centers worldwide to gauge their interest in quantum computing and obtained interesting results. Twenty-seven percent (27%) of these centers indicated they are already experimenting with quantum computing, 76% of the centers indicated they expect to be utilizing quantum computing technologies by 2023, and by […]
  • Qunnect Sells the World’s First Commercial Quantum Memory November 19, 2021
    Quantum memories are devices that store and release entangled photon qubits. They are a key component for creating quantum repeaters that would allow quantum communications over long distances and enable a quantum internet and there are many research activities around the world to develop this technology. Qunnect, located in Brooklyn, New York, is a spinout […]
  • How ultracold, superdense atoms become invisible November 18, 2021
    A new study confirms that as atoms are chilled and squeezed to extremes, their ability to scatter light is suppressed.
  • MIT Lincoln Laboratory wins nine R&D 100 Awards for 2021 November 17, 2021
    A life-detecting radar, a microscale motor, and a quantum network architecture are among this year's most innovative new technologies.
  • Quantum computer set to unlock proton and neutron secrets for the first time November 17, 2021
    From Futura Sciences (France), November 16, 2021: Today a quantum computer built by IBM seems on the point of unraveling certain secrets of the protons and neutrons that make up our bodies and the stars. Read more about this development which includes the Don Lincoln video explaining quantum chromodynamics. The post Quantum computer set to […]
  • Physicists reveal non-reciprocal flow around the quantum world November 17, 2021
    Physicists have created a theory describing how non-reciprocity can be induced at the quantum level, paving the way for non-reciprocal transport in the next generation of nanotechnology.
  • Scott Aaronson, when reached for comment, said… November 16, 2021
    About IBM’s new 127-qubit superconducting chip: As I told New Scientist, I look forward to seeing the actual details! As far as I could see, the marketing materials that IBM released yesterday take a lot of words to say absolutely nothing about what, to experts, is the single most important piece of information: namely, what […]
  • A nanoantenna for long-distance, ultra-secure communication November 16, 2021
    Researchers have used a nanoantenna to focus light onto a single semiconductor nanobox. This approach will enhance the utility of quantum repeater technology currently under development for advanced communication and data storage. Such technology is essential to overcoming the limitations of classical computer information for securely sharing information over long distances.
  • New material could be two superconductors in one November 15, 2021
    Work has potential applications in quantum computing, and introduces new way to plumb the secrets of superconductivity.
  • First quantum simulation of baryons November 11, 2021
    Researchers performed the first-ever simulation of baryons -- fundamental quantum particles -- on a quantum computer.
  • Canadian researchers achieve first quantum simulation of baryons November 11, 2021
    Thursday, November 11, 2021 A team of researchers led by an Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) faculty member performed the first-ever simulation of baryons—fundamental quantum particles—on a quantum computer. With their results, the team has taken a step towards more complex quantum simulations that will allow scientists to study neutron stars, learn more about the […]
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