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  • NVIDIA Announces SDK for Quantum Simulation on GPUs April 12, 2021
    One very useful tools for those wishing to develop quantum programs is a classical computing based simulator that can demonstrate how a quantum computer would process the program. Although the drawback of this approach is that it is limited to the number of qubits the classical computer can simulate, but it has the advantage is […]
  • Keysight Technologies Partners with Women in Quantum to Create a Mentoring Program and also Provides Support for Quantum Education April 10, 2021
    You may not recognize the name Keysight Technologies as a participant in the quantum industry. But perhaps you would recognize them if we told you they are a direct descendent of the original Hewlett-Packard (HP) company that was founded in a garage in Palo Alto, California in 1939. The original Hewlett-Package product line consisted of […]
  • IBM Releases New Version of Qiskit; Adds Additional Libraries for Natural Sciences and Machine Learning April 10, 2021
    IBM has released version 0.25 of its Qiskit quantum programming platform with the biggest changes related to a restructuring and extension of their application libraries. Previously they had introduced a package called Qiskit Aqua that included application modules for chemistry, AI, optimization and finance. Qiskit Aqua was a separate package independent of the core Qiskit […]
  • U.S. Air Force and NSF Award $1 Million in Grants to University of Massachusetts Lowell Professor April 9, 2021
    The grants were made in two separate early career awards to Professor Archana Kamal at the University of Massachusetts Lowell (UMASS Lowell). The first award from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research is for $450,000 over three years to study tunable quantum dissipation. The goal of this research is to correct quantum errors by […]
  • The Netherlands has Awarded €615 Million ($732M USD) to Quantum Delta NL for Quantum R&D April 9, 2021
    The award was provided by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy's National Growth Fund to Quantum Delta NL, a public-private partnership of tech companies, government agencies, and all major quantum research centers in the Netherlands. The goals for this award will be to train 2,000 researchers and engineers in quantum technology, scale […]
  • Just some prizes April 9, 2021
    Oded Goldreich is a theoretical computer scientist at the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, Israel. He’s best known for helping to lay the rigorous foundations of cryptography in the 1980s, through seminal results like the Goldreich-Levin Theorem (every one-way function can be modified to have a hard-core predicate), the Goldreich-Goldwasser-Micali Theorem (every pseudorandom generator can be […]
  • Engineering researchers visualize the motion of vortices in superfluid turbulence April 8, 2021
    Researchers have managed to visualize the vortex tubes in a quantum fluid, findings that could help researchers better understand turbulence in quantum fluids and beyond.
  • A breakthrough that enables practical semiconductor spintronics April 8, 2021
    It may be possible in the future to use information technology where electron spin is used to store, process and transfer information in quantum computers. It has long been the goal of scientists to be able to use spin-based quantum information technology at room temperature. Researchers have now constructed a semiconductor component in which information […]
  • Duality, a Quantum Startup Accelerator, Launched in Chicago April 8, 2021
    Duality is a startup accelerator designed to bridge the gap from laboratory to the marketplace. They will offer 12 month programs to selected teams within each yearly cohort that provides entrepreneurial training, business expertise and mentorship, technical expertise, access to state-of-the-art facilities, industry exposure and $50,000 in unrestricted funding. It is the first such accelerator […]
  • Quantum Xchange Expands their Quantum-Safe Encryption Product Line with Phio TX-D April 6, 2021
    We first reported on Quantum Xchange' flagship Phio TX product in October 2019 when they introduced the concept of providing extra security for encryption keys with a separate out-of-band symmetric key distribution system that is separate from the main data channel. This system can be compatible with other encryption technologies including physics-based QKD (Quantum Key […]
  • New computing algorithms expand the boundaries of a quantum future April 5, 2021
    To fully realize the potential of quantum computing, scientists must start with the basics: developing step-by-step procedures, or algorithms, for quantum computers to perform simple tasks. A Fermilab scientist has done just that, announcing two new algorithms that build upon existing work in the field to further diversify the types of problems quantum computers can […]
  • The Computational Expressiveness of a Model Train Set: A Paperlet April 4, 2021
    My son Daniel had his fourth birthday a couple weeks ago. For a present, he got an electric train set. (For completeness—and since the details of the train set will be rather important to the post—it’s called “WESPREX Create a Dinosaur Track”, but this is not an ad and I’m not getting a kickback for […]
  • How to Make Money with Quantum? Create Art with It! April 3, 2021
    Are you using a quantum computer for computational chemistry, finance applications, or optimizations? That's so 2020! Here's an example of a real avant-garde use of quantum technology that combines Quantum Computers, Quantum Neural Nets (QNN), Blockchains and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). A piece of artwork titled "Everettian vibrations" was created using this technology and this is […]
  • DARPA Announces Funding Opportunity for Quantum Benchmarking April 3, 2021
    The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has issued a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) calling for proposals for research in the area of quantum benchmarking. Proposed research should quantify the long-term utility of quantum computers. In particular, proposed research should center around either (1) the creation of application-specific, hardware-agnostic benchmarks for quantum computer utility […]
  • Riken, Fujitsu Partner to Develop a Superconducting Quantum Computer April 3, 2021
    We previously reported on Fujitsu's intent to partner with Riken to research superconducting quantum computers and this week they have announced the formal launch of the project. The project is now called the RIKEN RQC - Fujitsu Collaboration Center and is located within the RIKEN Center for Quantum Computing in Wako, Saitama, Japan. The project […]
  • Qubits composed of holes could be the trick to build faster, larger quantum computers April 2, 2021
    A new study demonstrates a path towards scaling individual qubits to a mini-quantum computer, using holes. The study identifies a 'sweet spot' where the qubit is least sensitive to noise (ensuring longer retention of information) and simultaneously can be operated the fastest.
  • Study shows promise of quantum computing using factory-made silicon chips March 31, 2021
    For the study, researchers were able to isolate and measure the quantum state of a single electron (the qubit) in a silicon transistor manufactured using a 'CMOS' technology similar to that used to make chips in computer processors.
  • Discovery of a mechanism for making superconductors more resistant to magnetic fields March 30, 2021
    Superconductivity is known to be easily destroyed by strong magnetic fields. Researchers have discovered that a superconductor with atomic-scale thickness can retain its superconductivity even when a strong magnetic field is applied to it. The team has also identified a new mechanism behind this phenomenon. These results may facilitate the development of superconducting materials resistant […]
  • Topological protection of entangled two-photon light in photonic topological insulators March 30, 2021
    Researchers have revealed the necessary conditions for the robust transport of entangled states of two-photon light in photonic topological insulators, paving the way the towards noise-resistant transport of quantum information.
  • Optical fiber could boost power of superconducting quantum computers March 24, 2021
    The secret to building superconducting quantum computers with massive processing power may be an ordinary telecommunications technology - optical fiber. Physicists have measured and controlled a superconducting quantum bit (qubit) using light-conducting fiber instead of metal electrical wires, paving the way to packing a million qubits into a quantum computer rather than just a few […]
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