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  • NIST Awards SRI International $299,128 for Development of a Quantum Technology Manufacturing Roadmap May 21, 2022
    The funding will support a roadmap that identifies pre-competitive development and supply chain gaps to help maintain U.S. dominance in quantum-related fields to benefit multiple quantum technology application areas. The award was part of NIST's Advanced Manufacturing Technology Roadmap (MFGTech) Program which provided a total of seven awards in a variety of fields. Additional information about […]
  • Boeing Pledges $5 Million to Support the UCLA Center for Quantum Science and Engineering May 20, 2022
    The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Center for Quantum Science and Engineering (CQSE) is jointly operated by the UCLA College Division of Physical Sciences and the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering. They research many different areas of quantum technology, many of which can have great relevance for the aerospace industry. The gift from Boeing […]
  • Xanadu Introduces FlamingPy, a Python Library for Simulating Error Correction Codes May 20, 2022
    Major research is now going into developing fault tolerant quantum computers that can withstand the qubit errors inherent in quantum computing. It is a complex task to understand how a particular code might perform and Xanadu has developed the first simulator that can help. The FlamingPy software contains a variety of built-in error correction codes, […]
  • Earning Releases: IonQ, Rigetti, and Arqit May 18, 2022
    Three notable earnings releases were made in the past few days and it is interesting to review them and see the progress each has made in the past year. IonQ announced Q1 revenue of $2.0 million, bookings of $4.2 million, and EBITDA (Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) loss of $10.3 million. This compares […]
  • Researchers create photonic materials for powerful, efficient light-based computing May 18, 2022
    Researchers are developing new photonic materials that could one day help enable low power, ultra-fast, light-based computing. The unique materials, known as topological insulators, are like wires that have been turned inside out, where the current runs along the outside and the interior is insulated. In their latest work the researchers demonstrated a new approach […]
  • IonQ and Rigetti Discuss their Roadmap Plans May 18, 2022
    In their Q1 Finance Results press releases and also during the Q1 calls, both IonQ and Rigetti discussed their roadmap plans for future processors. Peter Chapman, CEO of IonQ, mentioned that the company is currently working on three different generations of processors in different stages of development. The latest released version is called Aria which […]
  • What comes after quantum? May 18, 2022
    Wednesday, May 18, 2022 En français Quantum theory, the physics of the very small, helps us to understand nature and our world by explaining and predicting the behaviour of atoms and molecules. Researchers at the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) are interested in what comes after quantum theory, specifically the possibility of a broader theory […]
  • Unitary Fund Introduces Metriq, a Repository for Quantum Benchmark Results May 17, 2022
    Understanding how various quantum computers are performing can be a quite complex task. Not only are there a multitude of different quantum benchmark suites that are proliferating, but it is not always easy to find the results of the tests and compare them against each other. Fortunately, the Unitary Fund has just created service called […]
  • New VC Investments at Classiq, Universal Quantum, and Qunasys May 17, 2022
    Three new venture capital investments have been announced within the past few days. The first is an investment of an additional $3 million in Classiq from strategic investors HSBC, NTT, and Neva SGR. This brings the Series B total to $36 million and total funding the company has received so far to $51 million. Strategic […]
  • Quix Delivers a 20 Mode Quantum Photonic Processing Chip for Use with Quantum Dot Light Sources to the European project PHOQUSING May 15, 2022
    We had reported earlier this year that Quix had developed a 12 mode photonic chip that was optimized for at the use near-infrared wavelength range (900-970 nm) compatible with quantum dot light sources. Quix has now developed a larger 20 mode version and delivered it to the European PHOQUSING research project. PHOQUSING is a project […]
  • Who’s News: Management Additions at Riverlane, ColdQuanta, QuantWare, Pasqal, Atlantic Quantum, and SandboxAQ May 14, 2022
    There have been a lot of recent hires at quantum companies in the past few weeks. We wish all of them the best of success as they take on their challenging and exciting new roles. Riverlane has appointed Michelle Lampa as Head of U.S. Operations. Previously she was the Director of U.S. Operations for M […]
  • Quantum-South Declares their Air Cargo Optimization Application Ready for Production May 14, 2022
    We had reported in February how Quantum-South had created a prototype quantum application that could optimize how air cargo should be loaded optimally into a freighter aircraft. It is a very complex problem for classical computers because one must take into account many different targets and constraints including revenue, priority, center of gravity, shear force […]
  • Going gentle on mechanical quantum systems May 13, 2022
    Systems in which mechanical motion is controlled at the level of individual quanta are emerging as a promising quantum-?technology platform. New experimental work now establishes how quantum properties of such systems can be measured without destroying the quantum state -- a key ingredient for tapping the full potential of mechanical quantum systems.
  • When quan­tum par­ti­cles fly like bees May 12, 2022
    A quantum system with only 51 charged atoms can take on more than two quadrillion different states. Calculating the system's behavior is child's play for a quantum simulator. But verifying the result is almost impossible, even with today's supercomputers. A research team has now shown how these systems can be verified using equations formulated in […]
  • Peter Shor receives 2022-2023 Killian Award May 11, 2022
    The MIT professor is honored for extraordinary accomplishments in mathematics, computer science, and quantum physics.
  • One particle on two paths: Quantum physics is right May 11, 2022
    The famous double slit experiment shows that particles can travel on two paths at the same time -- but only by looking at a lot of particles and analysing the results statistically. Now a two-path-interference experiment has been designed that only has to measure one specific particle to prove that it travelled on two paths.
  • Scientists discovers new properties of magnetism that could change our computers May 11, 2022
    A fundamental property of magnetism has been disclosed through new research. The discovery may be key to development of a new generation of powerful computers.
  • Researchers find way to form diodes from superconductors May 11, 2022
    Researchers have demonstrated how a heterostructure consisting of superconductors and magnets can be used to create uni-directional current like that found in semiconductor diodes.
  • Computational sleuthing confirms first 3D quantum spin liquid May 10, 2022
    Computational detective work by physicists has confirmed cerium zirconium pyrochlore is a 3D quantum spin liquid, a solid material in which quantum entanglement and the geometric arrangement of atoms cause electrons to fluctuate between quantum magnetic states no matter how cold they become.
  • It takes three to tangle: Long-range quantum entanglement needs three-way interaction May 6, 2022
    A theoretical study shows that long-range entanglement can indeed survive at temperatures above absolute zero, if the correct conditions are met.
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