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Growth Services for Quantum Tech Startups

Interference Advisors & Digital Competence Lab


We are proud to be partnering with the Digital Competence Lab, the leading expert network for future transformations. We bring together a highly curated group of consultants, service providers and vendors across the entire spectrum of digital & innovation services. Our track record over the years includes success stories from the Fortune 500 as well as highly innovative SMEs and startups, as well as close relationships with regional and federal governments. 

The quantum mindset is brought into the mix by the experts from Interference Advisors, which puts us into a unique position when it comes to launching, growing or scaling Quantum Tech startups globally.

Our offering & pricing

Our Services to Quantum Tech Startups


As you move from the lab into the market, from research partnerships to commercial customers, quantum alone is not enough to sell anymore. You need a story! What do you stand for? What identifies you? What are you trying to truly do? We will help you cristalyze your message and create the content and assets to get it out there.

Digital Marketing

This is your face in the market starting with your website but more broadly how you present yourself online – consistent and up to date profiles on the relevant platforms (Crunchbase, Angellist, etc), style guidelines for a consistent look and feel, and the necessary “mechanics” (SEO, advertising, referrals, etc) to “be seen” in the digital world.

Social Media

Yes, even in quantum your buyers, partners and investors are on social media. You need to own your brand and message there, or others will. And you need to be authentic, consistent and reliable. Do this across 2 – 5 different channels and it is a whole project in itself.


For those Quantum Tech startups that are starting to move into a scaling stage PR is an indispensable part of your success equation. And issuing press releases whenever you have something to announce is not PR, it’s a waste of time. Targeted, ongoing relationships with the right journalists and a story written to meet their needs will get you the coverage that you need.

Sales & biz dev

You’ve hired a consultant to help with sales? Or some enterprise expert? Sales is possibly the most researched “business science” out there and to be effective in it requires more than haphazard HR efforts or a “big wig” hire. Understanding your ideal sales approach for your target audience, identifying the appropriate channels to market and scaling the right mix of SDR, sales rep and account exec is key to success.


In Quantum Tech industrial and government relationships are key to success. This is a service that we are exceptionally strong at in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) with close relationships to the industrial conglomerates, the broad SME base as well as regional and federal governments. We know how holds the purse strings when it comes to specific Quantum budgets.

Lean Startup

Ready to focus fully on your go to market? We can help you implement a Lean Startup approach, which is an iterative way of learning that minimizes the costs and time, to increase your odds of success. If done right this approach is the closest thing out there to a blueprint for startup success if you are willing to commit wholeheartedly. 


Like sales, fundraising is an ongoing relationship effort to identify your best target audience of potential investors, understand the story that they want to hear and the KPIs they like to see. We know how to put that together but it means you have to start before you actually need to raise – there is no good money available in a crunch.