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I don’t understand why so many companies talk about A.I. but only about 30% have done anything about it.

As the co-founder of an A.I. startup I have the privilege of meeting companies and executives from every industry, continent and walk of life most days of my working life (which is every day). Rare are those who know nothing about A.I., everybody seems to be an expert and most try to prove that they are smarter than you.

Yet, few do.

IBM found that humans now create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily; that’s the equivalent of about half a billion HD movie downloads. Digital data will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 42% through 2020. In the 2010-2020 decade, the world’s data will grow by 50X; i.e., from about 1ZB in 2010 to about 50ZB in 2020.

“Between the dawn of civilization and 2003, we only created five exabytes; now we’re creating that amount every two days. By 2020, that figure is predicted to sit at 53 zettabytes (53 trillion gigabytes) — an increase of 50 times.” — Hal Varian, Chief Economist at Google.

80% of that data is created within the enterprise. YouTube is only the tip of the iceberg. The business pain point is REAL.

Yet, most managers only talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. I get it, job security, lack of courage, or, worse, lack of a real plan or vision stand in the way of getting started. But getting started has never been easier than before, the SOLUTION is real.

When we started our A.I. journey in 2015 the companies that had A.I. solutions in the marketplace were far and few in between. Today, a new one pops up every day and while there is a lot of noise, hype, smoke and mirrors, viable options are plentiful across verticals and functions.

A concrete example

Ok, this is a lot of shameless self promotion but my point is this: Walking the A.I. walk is now available to anyone who talks the talk – it’s ready, available, reliable and strong. From Opentopic and many other great companies such as Chorus, Growbots, x.ai or Integra.

Sia, for example, is able to make sense of much of that enterprise data at the flip of a switch. This enables decisions based on 100% of the data that are unbiased and accurate while also offering new perspectives.

Sia changes decision-making by providing decision makers with new insights from untapped data sources, delivered when and where they are needed.  It provides the fuel to drive fundamental changes in customer experience, operational processes, worker empowerment and overall business strategy.

She is built on the best of A.I. with world-class A.I. resources:

    • We are a top 40 IBM Watson Partner and leveraged their technology to build the foundations of Sia
    • We’ve spent 3 years testing and training Sia on real world clients. Live in production.
    • For the last 2 years our team has customized all algorithms and models to a point where we are now 90% independent from any other vendor, with much lower cost, higher speed and improved results
    • Our Opentopic Technologia Lab team comprised of Google, Microsoft, EA, A.I., computer science, data and technology talent

Powerful insights developed over the last 3 years:

    • We’ve spent 3 years training Sia, the algorithms and data model for this specific use cases
    • 20 insights, 1,200 topic categories, 4MM+ entities and concepts
    • 2.7MM public sources processed daily
    • Instant delivery of insights
    • Insights on email, documents, web, media, images, voice/audio, CRM and other data sources

Easy implementation and configuration

    • Easily connect data sources with standard API’s
    • Easily integrate with collaboration, CRM or data visualization platforms
    • Easily configurable for different use cases
    • Weeks vs months/years to implement

Best A.I. ROI

    • Affordable SaaS pricing makes Sia the most accessible A.I. solution available
    • Low cost + short implementation time + configurability + insight power = Excellent ROI

The ROI is here

The impact of such a simple tool is tremendous and immediate: “Companies in the top third of their industry in the use of data-driven decision making were, on average, 5% more productive and 6% more profitable than their competitors” (Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson).

In addition, the time to implement AI has decreased significantly.  While an internally developed initiative could take quarters or years to propose, approve, develop and implement, the new solutions can be implemented in weeks.

Time to deliver on the A.I. promise before your competition does!

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