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Interference Advisors – domain experts and Quantum Information Science believers

(Stop thinking so classically!)

Rooted in data driven analysis, a deep technical understanding, 20 years of business & strategy experience, and a global network of scientific and academic advisors, we help you understand how Quantum Information Science (QIS) will impact business and what it means for you.


| Our Values & Expertise |

Interference Advisors aims to be a professional services firm rooted in data and anchored by trust – we avoid opinions and judgments as much as interests of conflict, and only work with clients where we are certain that we can add value.

==> We work at the intersection of quantum computing with business and strategy, and offer tailored services to meet our client needs:

Executive Coachings        Employees Training           Market Analysis

Strategic Planning             Investor Consulting           Use Case Planning

All of our work is rooted in a proprietary data set on Quantum Computing – we work with facts and evidence, not opinions or “experience”.

We are grounded in a deep network of academic (Chicago Quantum Exchange, IME, UCSB, University of Maryland, NC, Saarland University, etc), industrial (IBM, Microsoft, Google, VCs, investors, etc), QC startups (Zapata Computing, QC Ware, JoS)  and community (15K social impressions a month, 100 pieces of content a month, 2-3 market research reports a month) relationships.

⇒ We have deep domain expertise

  • Our founder, experts and partners come from the worlds of business across industries and continents, with decades on experience in strategy, finance, sales & marketing both as operators & executives, and advisors

⇒ We have deep QIS expertise

  • We are fanatics. We believe that QIS will change the world more profoundly and quickly than any other innovation of the last 100 years. We study, research, analyze, talk, breath and sweat QIS all day long, every day, so that you don’t have to

⇒ We have a deep network

  • We are very proud to have built and continue to build close relationships with the leading academics, scientists, labs and vendors within QIS around the world to draw on their expertise and efforts

⇒ We have the data

  • Unlike many, we do not profess wisdom, share opinions or base our advise on experience. What we do is rooted in data and facts. At times limiting, this allows us to always be factual and avoid hype & trends in a space that is so crucial to our future. To that end, we continously collect what we believe to be the most comprehensive data set on the QIS ecosystem.