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Our Quantum Journey

Interference Advisors was founded in 2017 on the premise that new technologies need a data driven and unbiased approach to commercialization and scaling.


We believe that Quantum technologies have the potential to usher in a period of universal health, wealth, peace and prosperity for all – we want to make our contribution to ensure this becomes a reality rather than a  pipe dream or nightmare. Here is our Quantum journey:

André M. König, our Founder & CEO – started his career in management consulting and from early on managed large technology projects, often working with c-level executives on design aspects and reporting purposes. A decade, bookended by degrees in business and economics, taught him how to collect large amounts of information, analyze and synthesize it, and make recommendations and assessments based on it. Always with an eye on how the technology can specifically help his clients.

In 2012, he built his own businesses and was part of the founding and leadership team of three startups that ran the gamut of new technologies such as digitalization, A.I. and blockchain. This was not only a period of learning how to bootstrap, build, lead and overcome insurmountable challenges, but also a period that saw a rapid uptake in the speed of innovation in new technologies and what they mean for business. With his A.I. venture, Opentopic Inc., he gained traction amongst Fortune 500 brands, advertisers and Wall Street firms that were looking for A.I. solutions, within the context of an overall industry that was inflated with exaggerated expectations and valuations.

In 2017, his largest client, a bulge-bracket Wall Street bank, steered him on a new course.  Over drinks in the dimly lit backroom of a NYC midtown restaurant, their head of A.I. suggested that A.I. might not have the transformative impact on business that everybody was hoping for – and the smart thing is to start to looking into Quantum Computing.

Confused by this out of context, bold statement, he quickly realized what just had happened – a trusted, senior Wall Street executive with PhDs in complicated stuff had set him on the path that he had always been looking for – the inflection point of a transformative technology.

While he had no formal background in Quantum (thank you MIT for changing that) he knew of it (having been interested in physics and especially quantum mechanics since childhood). A few Google searches and books later, he realized the potential of Quantum. He also realized that it was a field dominated by scientists, academics and government officials and, that to be successful, a business driven point of view, rooted in facts, was essential to build community, commercial traction and funding.

Determined to not see another A.I. or blockchain based startup, many of which have fallen prey to their own hype, he started to collect data on the Quantum ecosystem and, soon thereafter, write market driven business analysis rooted in it.

Interference Advisors was born.


Today, we are a fast growing firm, with an international network of experts and partners, dedicated to highest standards of professional service.

André has been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, Popular Science and many other publications.

André is a frequent speaker