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A data set that is looking at all known Quantum Computing researchers and their popularity (measured by Google Search results) reveals that the field is dominated by a few superstart and many silent worker bees. Do QC researchers need to do a better job communicating about their work? Or is it still too early to go public?

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QIS Cognitive Insights

We looked at a combined sentiment and volume analysis for IBM vs Microsoft. It is interesting to note that while IBM still drives more mentions in the press around QC, Microsoft is catching up in volume.

More importantly, Microsoft is getting a lot more positive sentiment, with frequent, high spikes in positive sentiment – each of which is accompanied by a small spike in negative sentiment. This indicates that the unique technology path that Microsoft is pursuing, while having some distractions, is gaining significant positive feedback in the market.

IBM, on the other hand, has barely any spikes – positive or negative – with a very neutral sentiment by the market. Not a good sign for an emerging technology!

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