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A data set that is looking at all known Quantum Computing researchers and their popularity (measured by Google Search results) reveals that the field is dominated by a few superstart and many silent worker bees. Do QC researchers need to do a better job communicating about their work? Or is it still too early to go public?

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QIS Cognitive Insights

We looked at a combined sentiment and volume analysis for IBM vs Microsoft. It is interesting to note that while IBM still drives more mentions in the press around QC, Microsoft is catching up in volume.

More importantly, Microsoft is getting a lot more positive sentiment, with frequent, high spikes in positive sentiment – each of which is accompanied by a small spike in negative sentiment. This indicates that the unique technology path that Microsoft is pursuing, while having some distractions, is gaining significant positive feedback in the market.

IBM, on the other hand, has barely any spikes – positive or negative – with a very neutral sentiment by the market. Not a good sign for an emerging technology!

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  • Physicists irreversibly split photons by freezing them in Bose-Einstein condensate November 14, 2019
    Light can be directed in different directions, usually also back the same way. Physicists have however succeeded in creating a new one-way street for light. They cool photons down to a Bose-Einstein condensate, which causes the light to collect in optical 'valleys' from which it can no longer return. The findings could also be of […]
  • Annual recruitment post November 12, 2019
    Just like I did last year, and the year before, I’m putting up a post to let y’all know about opportunities in our growing Quantum Information Center at UT Austin. I’m proud to report that we’re building something pretty good here. This fall Shyam Shankar joined our Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) faculty to do […]
  • Microsoft Announces Azure Quantum with Partners IonQ, Honeywell, QCI, and 1QBit November 9, 2019
    Microsoft has announced its intent to offer quantum computing cloud services through its Azure cloud computing platform. The near term hardware platforms that they will support includes IonQ, Honeywell, and Quantum Circuits Inc. (QCI). IonQ and Honeywell are using the trapped ion technology while QCI is using a superconducting technology. Microsoft is indicating that they […]
  • A distinct spin on atomic transport November 8, 2019
    Physicists demonstrate simultaneous control over transport and spin properties of cold atoms, and thus establish a framework for exploring concepts in spintronics and solid-state physics.
  • The morality of quantum computing November 7, 2019
    This morning a humanities teacher named Richard Horan, having read my NYT op-ed on quantum supremacy, emailed me the following question about it: Is this pursuit [of scalable quantum computation] just an arms race? A race to see who can achieve it first? To what end? Will this achievement yield advances in medical science and […]
  • Why NISQ-MP May Become an Important Use Case for the Quantum Internet November 7, 2019
    It has long been our thesis that one can gain some good insights into how quantum computing technology will develop by reviewing what happened in the classical computing industry and envisioning whether similar things could happen with quantum computing. One of the areas where we see potential similarities is in the use of multi-processing technology. […]
  • In classical and quantum secure communication practical randomness is incomplete November 4, 2019
    Random bit sequences are key ingredients of various tasks in modern life and especially in secure communication. In a new study researchers have determined that generating true random bit sequences, classical or quantum, is an impossible mission. Based on these findings, they have demonstrated a new method of classified secure communication.
  • Evading Heisenberg isn't easy October 31, 2019
    Researchers unravel novel dynamics in the interaction between light and mechanical motion with significant implications for quantum measurements designed to evade the influence of the detector in the notorious 'back action limit' problem.
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